Things building up down the drain can become a complete blockage over time which will make it obvious and apparent that there is something wrong going on that prevents the drain from working like how it is supposed to. Anyone needs to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a blockage in the drain so action and solution can be done as soon as possible to fix the issue.

What do you see?

Obviously, seeing a drain that is blocked or slowly draining toilet, bath, shower or sink is one of the signs of a blocked drain. Some can make it drain slowly, or even worse, not drain water at all. If only one fitting or appliance is showing that sign, that means the blockage is probably localized to a pipe which is connected to a certain fitting or appliance. On the other hand, if more than one or all appliances are experiencing the same issue, the problem will most likely be because of a blockage in the sewer drain. Not only draining water slowly or not at all, a but blocked drain can also affect water in the toilet to rise up. It is best to check external drains and manhole covers on your property for signs of rising water by doing so from the outside to avoid the risk of having hazardous gases and bacteria to enter your property.

What do you hear and smell?

Sounds that come from pipes and fixtures may sound different than usual, which can signify a blockage. It may sound like there are gurgling noises from pipes, drains, plug holes, or when the toilet flushes. This happens because the air in the pipes is trapped by the blockage, removed and pushed up through the system. Abnormal foul smells regularly happen before any visual symptoms are seen, is a legit sign of a possible drain blockage. A blockage can cause things that go down the drain to build up and rot over time without anyone knowing until it becomes bad which is not a good sign to ignore.

What to do if one is experiencing a drain blockage?

Anyone needs to pay attention to any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above to know the next step to do to tackle the issue as soon as possible. The first thing you need to consider thinking is responsibility. If the issues happen within your home or property boundaries that are completely used by your house means it is absolutely your responsibility and yours to deal with. On the other hand, if they happen to be within your home boundaries with parts of it shared with neighbouring properties, responsibility is on the local water and sewage company’s hands.

Next step you want to do, if it’s easy, is to fix it yourself. Fixing drain problems is not impossible to do by most people. There are tons of different products that are promising for unblocking your drain in no time. The better products are the environmentally friendly ones to avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage your plumbing system. But if the problem is too complicated or you don’t know how to repair it, best to report your issue to relevant plumbing company giving plumbing services that know what they are doing and wait for them to fix it. Local Saint George Plumbers are the best professionals in the field providing quality, accessibility, and efficiency, as well as well equipped with the right tools, ready to fix the issue you’re having while keeping your house undisturbed and clean. Contact us to get a plumbing service within budget, a free quote, or further information about our services.

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